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[ATLANTA, GA] - Voters deserve candidates who will live with the consequences of their actions, says Chase Oliver, Rolling Stone’s “Most Influential Libertarian,” as he launches his campaign for president.

“I'm running to ensure the generations most affected by the decisions being made in DC are the ones making those decisions,” says Oliver, 37.

Oliver, who is less than half the age of the current and previous president, says it’s time for the government to represent America, not the establishment. “It's time Millennials, Gen Z, and the generations before them take the power back from the corrupt old party system and return it to the people.”

Oliver is the first openly gay Senate candidate in Georgia, where he garnered over 80,000 votes in 2022 and forced a runoff between the Republican and Democratic candidates.

Media attention began after the Senate race tightened, especially after debating incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock and an empty podium set aside for opponent Herschel Walker. He has appeared on PBS, CNN, Fox Business, CSPAN, WSB TV and Radio, Fox 5, 11 Alive News, Vice Media, Reason TV. He has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Bloomberg, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Guardian, and Rolling Stone.

Oliver champions the rights of the individual against the growing power of the state. Opposed to the War in Iraq under George Bush, he became a political activist. By 2010, he aligned with the Libertarian Party after an encounter at the Atlanta Pride Festival.

In 2020 he ran for Congress in Georgia’s 5th district to complete the term of the late civil rights icon John Lewis.

Oliver has already visited Libertarians in 13 states since his exploratory committee launched in December. Oliver will seek the nomination at the Libertarian National Convention in Washington D.C. in 2024.

His campaign continues to attract volunteers, new and experienced.

“It's time to awaken a new generation to the full meaning of liberty, individual freedom and the right to live as your authentic self, free from government forces,” says Oliver.

Oliver is available for media interviews, university journalism, and communications students.

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