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ATLANTA - Chase Oliver describes Joe Biden’s sudden interest in immigration policy as politics over substance, and his asylum restrictions go in the wrong direction.

“While I'm happy that the president has woken up and realized that in an election year he needs to discuss immigration, much of this is merely undoing some bad policies of Donald Trump and returning us to the status quo,” says Oliver, 38, the Libertarian candidate for president. 

Monday’s announcement reestablishes inhumane restrictions that echo Trump’s policies, including Biden’s unmanageable limits on asylum. The new policy offers exceptions for unaccompanied minors, victims of trafficking, and those facing medical and safety threats. The American Civil Liberties Union immediately promised a lawsuit, as the policy walks back U.S. legal obligations to asylum seekers. 

Oliver agrees that Biden’s politically motivated policies cruelly target people whose crime is wanting a better life - just like the 12 million people who came through Ellis Island, including some of his ancestors.

“We ought to streamline citizenship altogether,” he says. “We need a bold vision in the form of a 21st-century Ellis Island, and we just aren't seeing that here. Voters and immigrants deserve better.”

Oliver became the first Libertarian presidential candidate to campaign in all 50 states, and is the only candidate in the 2024 field to do so. 

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06 Haz

Thanks Sheri and the whole Oliver team for bringing to light that Biden is closed border nut job just like Trump. Heck he admitted so in his State of the Union that his immigration bill was practically identical to Trumps but the GOP didn't vote for it because Trump told them it would make them look weak on immigration. It's high time we acknowledge that as Christian country we have a duty to love our neighbors and welcome the stranger. A 21st century Ellis Island is a good improvement on the way to opening Texas's border with Mexico as wide as it is with Oklahoma.

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