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ATLANTA - In light of recent protests on college campuses nationwide over Gaza, Chase Oliver vehemently opposes any attempts to suppress free speech and peaceful assembly.

“I will now and forever stand for the right of free speech and assembly and oppose efforts to suppress free speech on campuses,” says Oliver, 38, who topped the field in four Libertarian primaries and participated in the Free and Equal debate. 
“Students have a voice and the inherent right to use it,” Oliver says.
“Students also have the right not to be physically threatened or harmed, by police or other students.”

While acknowledging the sensitivity and complexity surrounding the Gaza issue, universities must uphold their role as hubs of open dialogue and intellectual discourse. Suppressing voices, regardless of their stance on a particular issue, erodes the very essence of higher education and the principles of free expression it champions.

The right to peaceful protest and discussions on contentious topics lies at the core of democracy. Progress, understanding, and solutions stem from the free exchange of ideas. Any efforts to silence dissent curtail individual expression while hindering the collective pursuit of knowledge and comprehension.

“Arresting peaceful protesters is wrong and ought to be a wake-up call that the government is currently suppressing free speech on campuses and elsewhere.”


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