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ATLANTA - Chase Oliver will do hands-on activism between appearances at a Libertarian Party of Ohio conference this weekend in Dayton. Oliver will help fight Issue 1, which would allow 40 percent of voters to stop amendments to the state constitution that a majority support.

“I am excited to travel to Ohio this week and meet voters as well as work with local activists to oppose Issue 1,” says Oliver, 37, Rolling Stone’s “Most Influential Libertarian” and Libertarian presidential hopeful. “We should make it easier, not more difficult for the government to be held to account by the citizens. This is why we should oppose Issue 1 and any other measure that would seek to entrench power and make it harder to change.”

The Libertarian Party of Ohio is sponsoring a political training event for Region 3, which also includes Kentucky, Michigan, and Indiana. Trainers include officeholders, candidates, and state and national leaders within the party.

Combining his passion for activism at campaign stops and appearances, he will join Ohio Libertarians and other activists, reminding voters about the special election on August 8. Oliver will participate in a phone banking event Friday, hosted by the League of Women Voters, he will also meet members of the Ohio Commission to End Qualified Immunity, one of Oliver’s signature issues.


Hope Hotel and Conference Center 10823 Chidlaw Rd # A, Dayton, OH 45433 Friday, July 28-Sunday July 30

4:30 P.M. (EDT) SATURDAY, JULY 29, SABRE-PHANTOM ROOM: Chase Oliver will join other Libertarian presidential candidates in a debate.

THROUGHOUT THE WEEKEND: Oliver will meet attendees at his campaign’s booth. Visitors can learn about the candidate and join the campaign team.

Highlights of the campaign so far:

  • Oliver became the first third-party presidential candidate invited to speak at the Iowa Soapbox after actively campaigning at fairs July 21-23.

  • Oliver spoke at two-panel discussions at FreedomFest in Memphis.

  • As Georgia’s first openly gay Senate candidate, he spent June marching and meeting with many people at Pride events in Chicago, Atlanta, and Kansas City.

  • Between those appearances, he joined the fight to stop the divisive and unpopular Cop City project in his hometown of Atlanta.

Oliver’s national attention grew following his debate with incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock and an empty podium set aside for opponent Herschel Walker. Oliver garnered over 80,000 votes and forced a runoff between the Republican and Democratic candidates.

Broadcast coverage includes PBS, CNN, Fox Business, and CSPAN. Print coverage includes The New York Times, The Washington Post, Bloomberg, and Rolling Stone, which labels him the “Most Influential Libertarian.”

Oliver is available for media interviews, university journalism, and communications students.

To learn more about Chase Oliver, visit



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