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"I am honored to be among the participants in the Free & Equal Debate. Libertarians have long sought a more equal debate process and I am thrilled to have earned the votes needed to join others on stage. I look forward to putting the principles of liberty on stage to challenge the ideas of socialism and central planning. Voters will get a real dose of freedom when they see a bold Libertarian candidate on stage."



"After the Free and Equal Elections Presidential Debate, it's your time to make a difference. Be sure to vote for your favorite among the 5 candidates through ranked choice voting. Every ballot counts, and your voice shapes the future!" 🎉🇺🇸

Highlights of Chase's campaign

So far, Chase Oliver:

  • Raised the most funds from donors among all Libertarian candidates for president;

  • Has the largest network of donors and volunteers from across the nation;

  • Traveled more miles and to more states - 44, with many repeat visits - than any of his competitors;

  • Helped fund-raise thousands of dollars and knocked on hundreds of doors to help local candidates;

  • Gained media attention for activism, including opposing Cop City in his hometown of Atlanta and protests to support charities providing poverty relief in Columbia, S.C.

  • Qualified for the Free & Equal Debate on February 29th.

  • Won the Libertarian Party of Iowa Caucus with 43% of the vote

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